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Monkey B Virus Transmitted from Monkeys to Humans Takes Life for the First Time in China
The 53-year-old veterinarian, who caught the Monkey B virus, called the old world monkey herpes virus, after examining dead monkeys in China, died. canalisationengorgee
A 53-year-old man working as a veterinarian in Beijing, the capital of China, contracted the Monkey B virus from the monkey corpses he was examining. It was announced that the veterinarian, who first applied to the hospital with complaints of nausea and vomiting, got worse within 1 month. covid 19

While the hospital took spinal fluid, throat swab and plasma samples from the veterinarian who had the Monkey B virus, it was stated that the 53-year-old man, who later showed neurological symptoms, died. According to the information in the local Chinese newspapers, the people contacted by the veterinarian were negative.

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What is the Monkey B virus?
The Monkey B virus, called the old world monkey herpes virus, was first identified by scientists in 1932. Fever and nausea are among the symptoms of the virus, which has claimed the lives of 21 people in total and was last seen in 2019. According to scientific data, the mortality rate of the Monkey B virus varies between 70% and 80%, and because the virus directly attacks the central nervous system, the most neurological symptoms are seen in patients.

This virus seen in China could be a big threat to veterinarians
The veterinarian who caught the Monkey B virus after examining the two dead monkeys is thought to have not transmitted the virus to anyone else, but China’s National Institute of Viral Disease Control and Prevention has warned veterinarians, animal care personnel and laboratory researchers who have come into close contact with monkeys to be careful.

China does not reveal the name of the veterinarian who died of the Monkey B virus, but according to the data obtained, the Institute for Disease Control and Prevention took a spinal fluid, plasma sample and nasal swab from the 53-year-old man to detect the virus. It was announced that the veterinarian, whose condition worsened within a month, died despite all the treatments.