Why Cashmere clothes are expensive?

An important factor that directly affects the price of cashmere is the mode of production. Cashmere sweaters are hand woven and embroidered in a centuries-old tradition. This laborious job, which requires great skill, takes a long time. On the other hand, China has significantly reduced production costs by speeding up some of the main processes in mass cashmere production. As we mentioned before, a Chinese made cashmere sweater and Nepal’s handcrafted cashmere sweater are of different quality. However, even if this sweater is made in China, it has all the positive qualities of cashmere. Because cashmere, thanks to its unique material, has six times more warmth than other clothes made of wool. For this reason, cashmere is a unique and natural textile product that cannot be compared with other textile materials. We are sure that you will enjoy our silky soft products from the first time you wear them.

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