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iPhone 13 May Come With A Feature That Android Users Will Laugh Again
It has been claimed that the iPhone 13s will be a feature on which Apple Watches will be based. Allegedly, the new iPhones will have a screen that displays the clock and notifications all the time.
Apple seems to aim to increase the success it had with the iPhone 12 last year with the iPhone 13. Every day, new claims about the features that will come with the iPhone 13 family are added. However, a newly claimed feature seems to divide Apple lovers into two.
Allegedly, the iPhone 13 will come with an Always on Display panel. So even when the lock is off, the clock and notifications will appear on the phone screen. According to the same claim, battery sizes will also be changed to meet the power consumed by this feature.
iPhone 13s will have an always-on display
Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently made an interesting claim about this year’s iPhones. In the past days, it has already been claimed that the battery capacity will increase. This is actually something iPhone users have wanted for a long time. Even the new battery capacity was not liked by some. Then, Gurman claimed that the battery size will change as well as the battery capacity. The reason for this was a change to be made in the interface of new devices.
Mark Gurman said the iPhone 13 will have an “always-on” indicator that stays on even when the screen is locked. Allegedly, Apple will base this feature on the interface of Apple Watches. On the new Apple Watches, this continuous indicator was available with different levels of brightness and refresh rate. Thus, users can see notifications and time whenever they wear the device. Time, date, messages and other notifications can be checked in the same way on 2021 iPhones.
This possible feature will also allegedly be provided with OLED LTPO displays. The operation of the always-on indicator will not take a large share of the energy of the phone thanks to these screens. The always-on display, which works at a certain brightness, will not be a charging beast. However, there will be an increase in battery sizes both to meet this feature and not to turn down the demand that has been coming for years. Again, according to a previous claim, these screens will have ProMotion technology and a 120 Hz refresh rate.
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According to the Harverar Tale, is Odin a Turk?
In Lagerbring’s book, translated into our language by Abdullah Gürgün and published by Kaynak Publishing, there are many definite judgments that Odin and the Swedish people are of Turkish origin. Of course, the main reference for these judgments is the Harverar Tales, as well as other important Norse legends.

In many Scandinavian legends, it is mentioned that Odin, the Father of Gods, wandered with two wolves, the most important figure of Turkish Mythology. In many images drawn about Odin, Odin is depicted with two crows and two wolves. This is considered one of the most important similarities in Swedish and Turkish mythologies.

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A Frank Ottoman Viking (or)?
The first name mentioned in the book is Ali Nuri Dilmeç, whom Teodor Hertzl, the founder of Zionism, referred to as the Frankish Ottoman Viking. Ali Nuri Dilmeç was born in Malmö, Sweden in 1861. Dilmeç, who came to Istanbul at the age of 17, converted to Islam and defined himself as a Turk ever since. Dilmeç’s story of reaching this book is quite interesting.

Dilmeç, who bought Lagerbring’s book from an auction, later loaned the book to a friend, and it was only 20 years later that it reached his hand again. When the book arrived, Dilmeç wrote an article titled The Strange Fate of a Valuable Book and said, “It is clearly stated that Odin is also of Turkish origin.” says in the book, “Our ancestors are the Turks, the companions of Odin. There is enough documentation on this subject.” says it’s called.

Common language, common mythology:
Abdullah Gürgün, who is the translator of Lagerbring’s book, also researched Swedish and Turkish culture for many years and wrote a book called On the Turkish Origins of the Swedes, published by Kaynak Publishing in 2008.

Both Lagerbring’s and Gürgün’s books mention the similarity between words in Swedish and Turkish, which are still used today. The similarity in the past is even more interesting. Thor is derived from the word ‘Tur’, and Odin is derived from the combination of the words ‘Weed – In’.

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Is Odin, the Most Powerful God of Scandinavian Mythology, a Turk?
A pioneer of historical research in Sweden, Prof. An interesting claim by Sven Lagerbring: “The supreme Norse god Odin, hence his son Thor, even all Swedes were Turks.” So, what lies behind the interesting claim about these imaginary heroes, who are mythological characters?
Odin, who is called the Father of Gods in Scandinavian Mythology, is not only a mythological figure, but the supreme god of pagan belief. Odin, one of the most important religious figures of the Scandinavian region with his son Thor, is he Turkish? It may be a surprising question for those who hear it for the first time, but the claim that Odin and even all the Swedish people are Turkish, Prof. By Sven Lagerbring.

One of the most important names in Swedish modern history, Prof. Sven Lagerbring, in his book titled The Similarities of Swedish with Turkish, dated 1764, not only explained that Odin and the Swedish people were of Turkish origin, but also explained in detail the features that are similar between the two languages ​​even today. There have been many studies that try to answer the question of whether Odin is a Turk by taking the book in question as a reference.

Odin comes to Sweden from Tyrkland, the Turkish Homeland:
prof. The Hervar Saga, or Harverar Tales, which is considered one of the most important epics of the Scandinavian region and described in the book titled The Turkish Ancestors of the Swedes, titled Similarities of Swedish with Turkish, written by Sven Lagerbring, tells the story of Odin’s arrival in Sweden.

According to the legend, Odin set out with two great communities called Tirkiar and Asiemaen, that is, Turks and Asians, from what we can call Tyrkland, that is, Turkish Homeland. Odin, the leader of this great mass, and his companions, after a long journey, settle in the lands we know as Sweden today.