EA Claimed to Make Battlefield 1 Free Next Week
It has been claimed that EA will distribute Battlefield 1 for free next week to create excitement for Battlefield 2042. The source of the claim is Tom Henderson, who is famous for Battlefield leaks.
EA is constantly trying different things to fuel the excitement for its new game, Battlefield 2042. After the introduction of Battlefield 2042 in the past weeks, EA, which has increased the server capacity for players who flocked to Battlefield 4, will try a different method this time.

According to the allegations, EA will give Battlefield 1 for free next week. In this way, the company, which aims to attract players back to the Battlefield series, is thought to do this for the upcoming Battlefield 2042.
Tom Henderson, known for his leaks about Battlefield and Call of Duty games, announced on his Twitter account that the game will be free next week. Henderson was also one of the first to share accurate information about Battlefield 2042.

According to Henderson, Battlefield 1 will be distributed exclusively to computer users via Origin. However, Henderson states that console players can also have this game for free, albeit with a very small chance.

The goal is to win back the players

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After the controversial release of Battlefield V in 2018, many players turned away from the Battlefield series. EA, on the other hand, aims to win back these players by giving Battlefield 1, which was released in 2016, for free.

The date Battlefield 1 will be free is likely to coincide with the EA Live conference on July 22. In this way, EA can try to attract and excite players interested in Battlefield 2042 to Battlefield 1.