Catamaran for sea tours

Discover the catamaran for sea tours
For sea tours, there are different types of boats available that you can hire. But the most popular boat is obviously the catamaran. But what type of boat exactly is a catamaran and where can you find one? In the following few lines, discover the catamaran with the various advantages it offers at sea.

What is a catamaran? visit here
The catamaran is none other than a type of boat comprising two hulls connected by a frame. It was invented by an aristocratic fishing community in the south coast of Tamil Nadu in India. It was therefore initially used for fishing. But today this boat can be used for different types of navigation. It can be recreational boating or sport boating. It could be a short cruise or a long catamaran trip. We distinguish the sailing or motor catamaran. For this model, we have 2 engines which are each placed in a hull. Discover the catamaran by distinguishing it from monohulls with regard to the principles of navigation. Many ask questions about the difference between these 2 types of boats. The catamaran is faster, more difficult to tack due to its lightness, unlike a monohull. To find out places, please visit bilanmagazine and mediaplacing.

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